How to Choose a Mover?

Making a Move

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably planning to move a large amount of objects over international borders.  The chances are also good that you’ve picked this article about international movers because you think the prices of courier services are too exorbitant.

A word of warning – there are a lot of international movers all over the country that offer a variety of pricing schemes and arrangements.  If you’re the everyday consumer who wants to safeguard his or her possessions, you’ll want to choose your international mover carefully based on your needs and a set of criteria.  If you’re the everyday consumer, you’ll want to read on.

A Costly Move

Sure, the price charts for international movers look cheap.  In fact, they look a lot cheaper than the charts you saw at the nearby FedEx outlet. Watch out! These prices could be deceptive.

Most of the time, you only get to see the service fee that they charge for the shipping.  It’s a common practice not to include fuel surcharges, taxes and tariffs and other hidden charges in the initial price quotes.  If you take all these into account, you might be shocked at just how much it will cost to move your items.

If you think the cost is justifiable or reasonable, then it’s time to start looking for an international moving company.  Pricing schemes can vary – some charge you by the combined weight of your items while some charge you by volume or by container used.  The most reputable ones, however, use a pricing plan that’s somewhere between the two.

They will charge you either based on the volumetric weight (inquire about the formula for this) or the actual weight, whichever of these two figures is higher.  Although this policy might not be budget-friendly, it’s a minor detail if you want to use a reputable and fully established company.

Time to Move

It’s very probable that you have a schedule to stick to when you’re sending your items.  Before you commit to using any international mover, inquire about the estimated time of transport.  You can also check out what transport services and methods they’ll use because this could affect transit time.

Move Over

Lastly, check for guarantees and other value-added services.  There are some companies that send personnel over to your place to help pack the items into company-provided protective packaging.  There are moving companies that will pick up your items and deliver them to your specified address.  There are also those that guarantee that all of your sent items will be unharmed.  Although these services might cost you a wee bit more, some will think the extra cost is worth it for the great convenience and assurance that they provide.

Choosing an international moving company properly is all about analyzing your needs and then compromising with the options and your available resources to meet as many of them as possible.  After your first time, though, it’s a lot easier to get your stuff moving.