Moving Services

Hiring an adequate moving company should not require hours of research and work. As long as you have clearly defined the kind of moving services you will be needing this should be a relatively simple task.

First, decide whether you will need movers and packers or just movers and precisely from what field of the moving services they should belong: furniture moving, moving truck services, household movers, etc. After this first basic step has been covered, move on to understanding what kind of moving services should you hire based on the actual physical distance to be covered: international moving services? Local moving services? Interstate moving services (out side of the state’s limits or more that 900 miles away of your current residence)? Now, try to estimate the size of the moving to establish if your relocation is of big scale (more than five rooms), medium size (three to five rooms), or a small residential moving project (1-2 rooms).

At this point, you should already know how much personal involvement you wish to have in your own moving and how much work you wish to delegate to the relocation moving services. You should have a clear idea as well, of what kind of relocation services you will be looking for (residential moving services, international movers, long distance moving services, etc). Have all of these facts handy for when you will contact the moving company (or companies) you wish to hire, professional movers will always ask about these details. In addition, prepare in advance a list of questions for the moving services to answer. Separate the list into questions of legal matter and questions of practical matters.

Among the legal matters you must check with your relocation moving services company, are the DOT and MC numbers of the company, its name, address and contact numbers under which the company is registered, and the kind of insurance the moving services business counts with. Make sure you double-check the information received with the secretary of state or by visiting the, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) web site (SaferSys). Ask for references and check them.

On the practical side, ask the relocation moving Services Company about the moving services they offer. Do they specialize on moving truck services? International moving services? Furniture moving? Interstate moving? Check if they are affordable movers by asking them for an estimate and have them schedule an in-home estimate visit. Inquire if they hire the services of movers and packers separately or if it must be part of the same package. Real professional movers offering quality moving services will be happy to answer all of these questions and many more.

The good turn out of your relocation project is within your power. A little organization and homework will take you a long way and grant you an effective, worry free moving experience. Good luck!